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Private voice lessons are available at a convenient Culver City location near both the 405 and 10 freeways.

Topics of study are:


* vocal technique for pop, R&B, jazz, country, belting, musical theatre

  • proper breathing

  • support

  • registration (navigating your "breaks")

  • pitch and tone control

  • vibrato - how to get it, how to control it, when to use it

  • how to increase your range, strength, stamina, and flexibility

* style

  • studying the greats, then finding your own style

  • telling the story

* repertoire

  • what style and which songs best exhibit your strengths and talents

  • what style and songs to learn if you are going to be a working singe

* performance skills

  • mic technique

  • studio techniques

  • how to lead a band

  • reducing and managing stage fright

* vocal health

  • what to eat and drink for good vocal health

* musicianship

  • reading music

  • learning your keys

  • writing charts

  • understanding basic music notation

Please contact Cecily for more information:
Tel: 310-251-5692

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